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Virgin Voyage: Adriatic Sea and Greek Gem

Embarking on a Virgin Voyage: Unveiling Adriatic Treasures aboard the Resilient Lady

The allure of the sea has forever captivated our hearts, from the moment we stepped out of the taxi at the port in Piraeus, Athens, the overshadowing grace of Resilient Lady birthed in the port, immediately stamped her character on our minds forever. With the Adriatic Sea and its enchanting Greek Isles as our destination, the anticipation and excitement soon rose as we embarked on a journey of discovery.

The moment we stepped foot on the ship, a sense of awe enveloped us. The contemporary design, infused with a hint of glamour, was an invitation to indulge in luxury while embracing the spirit of adventure. The crew welcomed us with warm smiles, setting the tone for the exceptional hospitality that awaited us throughout the voyage.

The embarkation process was painless and we were soon at our cabin with our luggage already there. After the mandatory safety drills which were performed in Virgin's own way, it was time to explore this amazing vessel of entertainment.

Like any other cruise ship, finding your way around these amazing sea resorts is always your priority when you first step aboard, for us it was the dining options and where each restaurant and dining experience were onboard. We soon found out that we were never going to be hungry with a vast array of different types of food at all times of the day and all included in the price of the voyage.

Discovering the rest of the ship would take us a couple of days, knowing where everything was, but we found that everything was organised in an understandable way. 

As Resilient Lady gracefully sailed out of Piraeus, a gentle excitement coursed through the air. The ship's state-of-the-art facilities were at our disposal, promising days filled with both relaxation and exhilaration. Whether lounging by the pristine poolside, indulging in a rejuvenating spa session, or participating in engaging workshops, there was never a dull moment on board.

Our cabin, a Sea terrace was comfortable with all the amenities you would expect for a modern-day cruise ship with the added benefit of being an accessible cabin which gave us so much more room than we expected. The balcony hammock did give us both a laugh as getting in and out was not the easiest thing for someone with mobility issues.

Our voyage was one of discovery, punctuated by stops at some of the most alluring ports in the Adriatic region. Our first port of call was Split, Croatia, captivates with its ancient charm and vibrant energy. Nestled along the dazzling Adriatic coast, it's renowned for Diocletian's Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage site seamlessly blending history and modern life. Cobblestone streets lead to bustling markets, cozy cafes, and pristine beaches. The stunning backdrop of mountains and sea makes Split an irresistible Mediterranean destination for culture, relaxation, and exploration. Followed by the charming city of Dubrovnik, Croatia. Encircled by ancient walls that whispered tales of history, Dubrovnik's cobblestone streets led us on a journey through time. The terracotta roofs and the azure sea in the backdrop painted a scene straight from a postcard.,

Next, we ventured to Kotor, Montenegro, where the ship navigated through the stunning fjords, a testament to nature's grandeur. The old town's narrow streets, flanked by medieval architecture, were a treasure trove of surprises waiting to be uncovered.

As we crossed into Greek waters, the anticipation on board grew. Our last stop was the island of Corfu. The lush landscapes and Venetian-inspired architecture gave the island an almost elegant quality. Wandering through the narrow streets of Corfu Town, we stumbled upon hidden squares adorned with blooming flowers and traditional tavernas offering tantalizing local cuisine.

While the ports of call were undeniably captivating, life on board the Resilient Lady was an experience in itself. The ship's culinary offerings were a journey through taste, with a medley of international cuisines curated to tantalize even the most discerning palates. From gourmet dining to casual lounges, each meal was a fusion of creativity and flavour.

Evenings were a celebration of culture and entertainment. The ship's theatre came alive with Broadway-style performances that left us spellbound, while our favourite themed night, Scarlet Night, was a night of partying under the stars by the pool that fostered a sense of camaraderie among fellow passengers.

As Resilient Lady sailed back to its port of origin, the memories woven into the fabric of our journey remained etched in our hearts. The Virgin Voyage to the Adriatic Sea and the Greek Isles had been a tale of exploration, connection, and resilience. It was a testament to the human spirit's unyielding desire to uncover the beauty that lies beyond the horizon.

As we disembarked, the promise of future voyages lingered in the air, a reminder that the world is a treasure trove waiting to be explored, one voyage at a time. And as the waves bid us farewell, we carried with us the gratitude for the voyage that had enriched our souls and expanded our horizons aboard the magnificent Resilient Lady.

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